Using the Internet for Couponing


Most of us grew up with someone in our family always taking the Sunday paper and cutting out the coupons. While over time the tradition of couponing has kind of fallen to the side of our daily lives, it is actually making quite a comeback. With the recent economic crises more and more people are turning back to couponing but they don’t need the Sunday paper to do it anymore. Today when someone wants to do couponing they can go to and find coupons for everything from clothes to cell phone plans. All of us can benefit from saving money and that is why couponing is coming back in style.…


International Network of Women for Peace

November 22, resume the meetings organized by the International Network of Women for Peace : the prominence of women in Tunisia path of change analyzed with journalist Giuliana Sgrena

Resume the meetings organized by the International Network of Women for Peace on the theme " Women who walk the unimaginable . " The fourth event is dedicated to Tunisia and to its post-election situation , the prospects for change in the Mediterranean region and the crucial role played by women in imposing the watchword of peace , rights and different power relations .
Guest of the evening , the journalist Giuliana Sgrena , returning from his latest trip to Tunisia .
The appointment , therefore, is for Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 18:30 at the International House of Women in Via Lungara , 19 in Rome .